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As Keykubat Group & Fortuny Real Estate, we say; Entrust your property to us and we will sell or rent it immediately.
If you cannot find the real estate you are looking for on our website and system, fill out the request form and we will find it for you.
Türkiye and Alanya Beaches have a large number of constantly renewed properties of all categories. We are at your service with services and advice that meet the personal and accommodation needs of each client.
The main activity of the brokerage department of our company is the purchase, sale and rental of real estate, including the loan approval-payment process on the purchase, sale and lease legislation, as well as the execution of the necessary legal services (through our partners with all the necessary expertise: real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, engineers. ).
The experience of our office is mainly focused on the sale and rental of real estate, residential and commercial buildings, offices, hotel units, businesses and land in Alanya and Antalya as well as in Turkey.

Apart from Turkey, we also operate in the rental, sale and transfer of residential and commercial real estates in European countries, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Russia and Iran.
Whether you are a buyer, seller, tenant or owner, we are committed to doing our best for you, your family and your future.
Our experienced partners will guide you through the entire process of finding and purchasing a property for the Golden Visa residency issue.
Fortuny Real Estate "Fortuny Real Estate", all services of which are within the body of Keykubat Group through our qualified partners and highly trained staff, specializes in services related to:
* Sale and rental of residential and office buildings.
* Real estate valuation with scientific and modern methods of collecting and evaluating comparative data.
* The most efficient use of lands in cooperation with reliable builders and contractors.
* Consultancy on real estate promotion and promotion
* Support in real estate sales or rental negotiations
* Legal advice through lawyers and notaries cooperating with our office.
* Technical advice through architects, civil engineers, surveyors, builders, decorators, etc. (Cooperating with our office)
*We also direct and manage the retrofitting, renovation and decoration works of your hotels, apartments, apartments, holiday villages and tourism facilities.
* We undertake the loan approval-use process as soon as possible and with the best market conditions.

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